International Material Data System (IMDS)

IMDS is the international material data system for the automotive industry. Nearly all automobile manufacturers are currently represented in this system and use IMDS to access and deliver material data. As such, IMDS has now become a vital element in successful sales: Missing IMDS data can be a disadvantage with regard to a company's valuation and its ability to compete on conceptual levels.

We consult and support you and your employees regarding:

  • fulfillment of legal and judicial requirements,
  • overall management of data (research, input, maintenance, monitoring),
  • communication with suppliers and customers,
  • creation, alteration and processing of material data sheets (MDS's),
  • analysis of basic materials and components to identify missing material data.


You benefit from:

  • our vast knowledge base,
  • fast processing of inquiries,
  • effective communications,
  • our unmatched expertise due to networking activities,
  • on-time IMDS project completion and
  • our acknowledged high level of quality in the work we do with manufacturers.